Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Practice 10-24 & 10-25

Wednesday 10-24-12:
Run, Plyos
Kill Drill - 5 times through
Circle Stretch
Zone Scrimmage to 5 (mini to 5 if we don't have numbers for a full scrimmage)
Breakmark Drill, backhands and flicks
Zone Scrimmage to end (mini if needed)

Thursday 10-25-12:
Run, Plyos
3 man mark drill - 10 minutes as hard as possible
Circle Stretch
Zone Scrimmage to 3 (mini if needed)
Short 4 Corners (20 yds), flicks and backhands
Scrimmage to end (mini if needed), run vert, ho, and zone, call the set plays

Anyone injured should be throwing on the side, 500 throws minimum plus some hammers.

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