Thursday, October 28, 2010

Practice - Saturday October 30, 2010

Change of plans we are going to try and practice on Saturday morning, JV and Girls will be out there we should make the effort too. Time will be 10-12 at which point I have to leave if the others stay later you are welcome to do so. We will run some drills and scrimmage on our own if we have numbers and if not we will combine. Sorry about wavering on that at the end of practice Thursday.

I'm going to stress again the Saturday Nov. 13, 2010 practice that one is mandatory!

Tuneup Discs

Below is what the Tidewater Tuneup discs will look like. They will be in on Monday if you are interested let myself or Chappell know and we can bring some out to practice, otherwise you will have to wait until Tidewater Tuneup like everyone else to get one. Cost will be $10 each.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday Practice

We are going to have a Saturday practice on November 13, 2010 from 10-1 so try and get the morning off if you need to. This is 1 week before Tuneup so its important for everyone to be there.

Practice - Wednesday Oct. 27

Wednesday Oct. 27
Run, Plyos Stretch
30-30's with 1 disc run to both sides and run S-cut to both sides, like warmups at
Fall Brawl
Scrimmage with Double Score - stress calling all 3 endzones (normal, On the Block, Animal aka Striker [instead of calling striker we will call out an animal, ex. monkey, lion, zebra are all striker]) get the endzone set off turns and try to give time to transition into endzone with handler movement during regular offense.
Endzone drill - add the defender after a little while
Short and Long - set up two so one with flicks and one with backhands rotate from one to the other, 2 times through both
Scrimmage - work on running Symmetry, we didn't run it at all this weekend because we need to work on it more.

If the weather is bad and you are forced inside do the following:

Long run (couple laps through the school or something like that) and stretch
Do 1 each of the following for 1 set, 3 sets total:

Shuttle runs of 10,20,30yds
Plyos for 30 yds, high knees, butt kicks, marios, luigis, lunges
T-Drill and X-Drill, set both up and run one right after the other
15 Burpees

After running do any throwing you can do inside, breakmark, 30-30's, etc. you can also do triangle mark drill

Fall Brawl Stats

See the stats from Fall Brawl below, I'm sure you have all been dying to see since the minute you realized we were keeping stats. The Plus/Minus is your ratio of good things (scores, assists, D's) to bad things (turnovers) that you had for the tournament plus is obviously good, but don't be discouraged by being in the minus its not necessarily bad. If you touched the disc 100 times and only had 1 turn but no assists, scores, or D's you'd be in the minus but would have only turned the disc over 1% of the time which is good.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Brawl Recap

Great tournament this weekend guys, we worked hard, learned what we need to work on, and will become a better team for it. Tied for 5th is a solid finish in a high level tournament like Fall Brawl. Be proud of the way we played and your team.

Thanks to all the parents involved in making the trip possible this weekend as always it wouldn't have been as successful as it was without you.

We apologize for the extremely late return but it was due to unforseen circumstances and we did our best to to get through them the best way possible. Its a learning experience with each new group of kids/parents every year so please know that we will continue to approve and run more smoothly as we move forward.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Brawl Seeding and Pools

Fall Brawl seeding and pools are up and the schedule for the first 5 games which is all of Sat. and the first round Sun. You can check out the guys here
and the girls here

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Practice - Wed. Oct. 20 and Thur. Oct. 21

Run and stretch
30-30's, run to both sides so you make both throws, stress making the correct throw and setting before throwing
Run for grades
Scrimmage - Run both Offenses (75%-Ho 25%-Vert roughly), Run some Z try to call shatter when needed, some Symmetry, and some normal man, call endzones - Put together everything we have done over the past several practices.
Dump/Swing drill - split into 2 groups to keep everyone moving and make sure everyone throws
Scrimmage with Double Score - Call Endzones

Run, Plyos, Stretch
Box Drill
Conditioning - Set up T-drill agility drill, and X-drill agility drill, Form a line at the T-drill and run once through T-drill, do 15 burpees, then once through X-drill, then go to the back of the line and repeat, 3 total cycles.
Scrimmage - Run everything like Wednesday, work ont he same things.
Quick Cuts to Huck - the drill we ran the first day of practice where you make 5 cuts around the rectangle then cut deep. Run 2 so that players get to throw the huck with both throws. Twice through each side.
Scrimmage with Double Score - Call Endzones

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Brawl Information

Dues must be paid or you must have a payment plan worked out with Coach Chappell by the end of practice Wednesday October 20, 2010 in order to play in the tournament.

Release Forms:
You must have the medical waiver from Coach Chappell filled out and returned by the end of practice Wednesday October 20, 2010 in order to play in the tournament.
You must have the 2 Fall Brawl waivers filled out and returned by the end of practice Wenesday October 20, 2010 in order to play in the tournament.

Homewood Suites by Hilton, Princeton
3819 US 1 South
Princeton, NJ 08540

1 king suites are $89/night advanced purchase, $109/night otherwise
2 queen quites are $99/night advanced purchase, $117/night otherwise

Guys Fields:
MCUDL fields
4040 Quakerbridge Road
Mercerville, NJ 08619

Girls Fields:
Mercer County Community College fields
1200 Old Trenton Rd
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

Friday, October 15, 2010

HS Easterns

HS Easterns had been announced as May 21-22, 2011 in Kennett Square, PA right outside Philly. If you guys want to be there then keep putting in the work in practice and lets win some games in our upcoming tournaments.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Practice Thursday Oct. 14, 2010

Running for grades - after warmup run and stretch
A = nothing
B = 1 shuttle run
C = 2 shuttles, 1 set of 15 burpees
D = 3 shuttles, 2 sets of 15 burpees
F = 4 shuttle, 3 sets of 15 burpees

Outdoor Practice be outside if at all possible, aka unless its pouring
Run, Plyos, Stretch
Short 4 line Drill - work on hard cuts, attacking the disc, and 2 hand claw catches
Dump Swing Drill - work on getting the disc around quickly
Scrimmage - apx. 30 min - Work on both Ho (75%) and Vert (25%) and on calling endzone plays (all the time)
WM Drill (triangle of death) - just run the in cuts no deeps, set up 2 of these so people can keep moving, everybody throws once
Scrimmage - same as before

If the weather is bad and you are forced inside do the following:

Long run (couple laps through the school or something like that) and stretch
3 - Shuttle runs of 10,20,30yds
1 - Plyos for 30 yds, high knees, butt kicks, marios, luigis, lunges
2 - 15 Burpees
T-Drill and X-Drill, set both up and alternate between each, twice through each
Rest for a few minutes and repeat a second time
After running do any throwing you can do inside, breakmark, 30-30's, etc. you can also do triangle mark drill

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Varsity & JV

The following lists are the current teams; you were placed there because your skills, effort, and attitude warrant it, and because we believe you will develop more as a player on a given team. Be aware you are ALWAYS trying out for Varsity, if you perform well you can be moved up; if you perform poorly you can and will be moved down. You are expected to be on time, prepared for outdoor practice and indoor if weather dictates, to give maximum effort FOR THE TEAM. We have limited practices before our first tournament so be there and be ready to work, playing well and our ultimate goal of winning states starts with you showing up. If you are not on the team you feel you deserve to be on come talk to me. -Richard

I apologize if anyone’s name is spelt wrong.

Will Ward
Ryan Ayers
John Kennedy
CJ Howell
Kyle Monroe
Zach Fallon
Paulo Yalung
Randy Higgins
TK Porter
Josh Ford
Chase Snead
Adante Thompson
Derrick Freeman
David Pollash
Jamie Arrieta
Frank Skabla
Angel Huezo
Ryan McManus
Alex Camm
Brian Lakey
Alan Hancock
Daniel Scharsich

Everyone not specifically listed above.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

VC Sublimated Jersey Contest

This is a mock up of what the sublimated jersey will look like if we can win the contest VC Ultimate is doing. We will refine it a little before we get them printed but it should give you the general idea. Purple background, "Woodside Ultimate" in lots of different fonts and shades of grey and white, Woodside on the front your number on the back with a drop shadow behind each. In order for us to have a chance you need to go to Facebook and "like" VC Ultimate, then go to the jersey contest and "like" our design. Than get all your friends to do it too. We are a couple weeks and a few hundred votes behind but I'm sure we can make this happen if you get all your friends to do it.

Practice Wed. October 6, & Thur. October 7

Wednesday October 6, 2010
Warmup run, plyos, stretch
Short 4 line drill - we did this the first practice, cycle through so everyone
Dump Swing - we did this at the camp - focus on 1 crisp fake and a cut, and getting
both swings to switch the field
Conditioning - T Agility Drill, 15 Burpees, X Agility Drill, 3 times through
30-30's aka Capital Punishment - run it to both sides
Quick cuts to huck - we did this the first practice, set up 2 so you can have both
long throws and alternate lines - twice through each side
Conditioning - repeat as before if you have time

Thursday October 7, 2010
Warmup run, plyos, stretch
30-30's aka Capital Punishment - run it to both sides
Breakmark drill - we ran this at camp - focus on getting the throw out quickly and
slightly IO
Conditioning - Same as Wed.
Short and Long - We ran this first practice - set up 2 so guy don't stand around to
long and run through at 5 times
Box Drill - We ran this in the wind Monday - Have John or someone who was there set
it up if needed
Conditioning - repeat as before if you have time

Let me know if you have any questions otherwise I'll see you on Monday.