Ultimate Drills

This page has a link to all the drills we have or will be running.

Box Drill

Dishy Huck

Dump Line


Layout Drill

Mark/Break Mark Drill

Michigan St.

Quick Cuts and Huck

S Cut Drill

Short and Long

Short Line Drill

Sideline Mark Drill


Triangle Mark Drill


WM or Woodside Drill

1 on 1 Drill

3 Man Weave


4 Corners

4 Line Drill

5 Minute Drill

All drills have been posted at The Ultimate Skills and Drills website. Go to the website and sort by "Name" and they are all labeled Woodside - "drill name" Once you choose a drill you can read the description and play the animation. Adjust the play speed slower if the drill animation is hard to follow. The drills will be accessible as long as that site exists, if they disappear please let an admin know so they can look into the issue or remove this page. If the link doesnt work try cutting and pasting it from below.