Thursday, December 19, 2013


Below is a list of what each player owes for jerseys. The number listed includes the attendance reduction and the volunteer reduction. If you think your number is wrong let Coach Richard or Coach Chappell know and we can discuss it. The Cheapest price possible is $28 which was the final materials and printing costs. Start bringing in your money so you can get your jerseys/shorts as soon as they arrive. If you still owe fall dues those need to be paid before you get the jerseys as well.

Jason Renfrew - $73
Luke Young - $43
Reggie McClellan - $28
Randy McMath - $53
Jordan Ellis - $33
Kaleb Jusino - $58
Tyler Paul - $58
Will Necker - $38
Tim Paden - $73

Brandon Matheny - $48
Andrew Lakey - $33
Donald Lakey - $33
D'wayne Thomas - $53
Austin Schoener - $33
Richard Kenwright - $43
Kobi Evans - $53

Jaydn Unnoppet - $73
Nicole Petersen - $73
Harlee Hayes - $38
Heather Ford - $28
Isabel Lewis - $38
Brianna Carter - $33
Yvonne Truong - $53
Jailene Rivera - $73

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tidewater Tuneup Stats

Tournament stats from Tidewater Tuneup! Aaron led the team in Scores and D's, Josuel in Assists, and Nick E. in turnovers. As a team the single biggest thing was turnover, 149 total, over 1.6 per point played. As a team we need to continue improving the throws, catches, and decisions and get the turnovers down.

Remaining Fall Dues

Below is a list of the players who still owe all/some of the dues for the fall season and the amount owed. If you have any questions on the amount listed please talk to Coach Chappell and we can check our records, otherwise please get your remaining payment in ASAP. Thanks.

Jordan - $20
Jason - $60
Randy - $10

Orlando - $20
Richard - $10
Noah - $10
Koby - $30
Donald - $20
Andrew - $20
Randall - $30

Brie - $30
Nicole - $10

USAU Memberships

Its that time of year again, time to sign up for a USAU membership. USAU membership is a requirement in order to play in VA States, Southerns, and several of the other tournaments our Woodside teams attend each spring. Each December USAU make that a little easier with their December deal, $25 for a youth membership, the price goes up Jan. 1. So everyone should take a few minutes to sign up, ask for it as a Christmas present if you want, but get it taken care of now while it is cheaper. You can sign up HERE.

Ultimate Gift Hat Tournament

The Ultimate Gift hat tournament is a fun 1 day event sponsored by Savage Ultimate! Its a great chance to play some Ultimate and also help out those in need as part of the entry fee is a toy which goes to Toys for Tots. The tournament will be held at Nike Park in Carrollton, VA on December 15th, the cost is $10 plus the toy. You can register HERE. There is also a Facebook Page for the event. We highly recommend all our players participate, it will be a great chance to play several games, improve, and help those in need.