Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Workouts

Heres a couple workouts that you can do over break, a few of you said you would be productive so here you go.

I would start each workout with a either a short run 1/2 mile +/- or with 5, 10-20-30 shuttles with a 30 second rest between each one, whichever is easier for you to do at your house or in your neighborhood. This is just to get the heart rate up and let you loosen up before the workout.

Leg Workout - 3 times through
Lunges - 15 each leg
Single Leg Calf Raises - 15 each leg
Leg Raises - 1 minute scissors - lay on your back, hands under your back, lift your legs about 6 inches off the ground, and then spread them out wide then back together as quickly as possible without touching the ground as fast as possible for the time
Prisoner Squats - 50 - just like doing squats in a gym just with no weight
Leg Raises - 1 minute up/downs - same as before but you will move your legs up about 1 foot from the starting position then back down as fast as possible for the time

Upper Body - 3 times through
Push Ups - hands out wide - 20
Chair Dips - 15
Torso Raises - 20 - lay face down hands on your head, raise your torso off the ground, lower your torso, repeat
Chinups - to failure - if you have a bar or some other way to do chinups
Crunches - 50

Jumping - 3 times through
Burpees - 15
Line Hops - 1 min as fast as possible
Box Jumps (also called leap ups)- 20 - you will need some sort of box, folding chair, or something else that can support your weight and is 18-24 inches high.
Single Leg Calf Raises - 15 each leg
Alternating Leg Box Jumps (also called step ups)- 20 each leg - you will need some sort of box, folding chair, or something else that can support your weight and is 18-24 inches high.

You should also try to do a long run 2 miles +/- once a week if possible

If you are unsure of what any exercise is a quick google search should tell you all you need to know.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Year End Meeting Recap

For those of you who didn't make it, and it was a lot of you, here is a recap of what we went over.

- Practice will start on February 7, 2011. The first 2 mondays will be tryouts with the days in the middle for conditioning, drills, and some scrimmaging. We will be keeping attendance at practice from now on.

- I want everyone to play winter league if possible, especially if you plan on being on varsity again in the spring or trying out in the spring. Winter League signup info is in an earlir post.

- We are going to try and have an indoor tournament to kick of the year in late January, it will be at Woodside on a Sunday if it happens, you will have to sign up in advance, more details to come.

- We have a disc design which you can see below, thanks Tru, and will be working with discraft to determine how to best print it. Some of the shading will not be possible but it will be based on this design.

- We have a rough idea of the varsity and jv jerseys, see below, and will work with whichever company we end up choosing to determine how best to print them. Cost will be $50 (possibly less depending on company) for a set of 1 white and 1 dark jersey and shorts.

- The early draft of the spring tournament schedule is on the calendar. Varsity has the Woodside Invite College and HS editions, YHB Invite, States, and possibly Easterns, we will look for something in April as well. JV has Woodside Invite HS edition, Shore Tour, States, and we will look for something else.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sue Inge Stats

Stats from this Saturday at Sue Inge are below. The big thing again this past weekend was turnovers, 57 turnovers in 54 points played, that's 1.05 turnovers per point. We have got to bring that number down to be successful. A lot of them came on poor decision hucks we only completed 6 of 26 huck attempts or 23% we have to make better choices on when to huck.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Thursday Practice

Thursday 12-9-10

Run, plyos, stretch
30-30s, 1 disc, normal warmup style with both throws and s-cut for both throws
Triangle Mark Drill, push the pace
Short 4 corners, 20-25yd throw, focus on putting the throw where you are supposed to, cutters need to adjust the cut wider at first so the timing is right
Scrimmage with double score, focus on running endzone, calling On the Block and Animal

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wednesday & Thursday Practice

Both of these are designed for indoors, no point in killing ourselves in the cold outdoors with only 8 people, it wasn't very productive anyway.

Wednesday 12-7-10
Warmup Run & Stretch, no plyos
30yd high knees
Set up all the following drills/exercises and do each 1 time in this order to equal 1 set - T-Agility Drill, 15 Burpees, X-Agility Drill, 1 set of stairs, 15 cone hops, 10/20/30 shuttle
30yd butt kicks
Repeat drills/exercises
30yd Marios
Repeat drills/exercises
30yd Luigis (like a mario but distance instead of height)\
Repeat drills/exercises
30yd Lunges

Thursday 12-8-10
Long run of a couple miles and good stretch then rest for Saturday.

Sue Inge Schedule

You can see the schedule below, based on that information we will be leaving from the school parking lot at 7:45am. Be on time or we will leave without you. If you haven't seen Chappell and gotten a field trip permission slip go do it NOW, you need to turn it in by the end of the day Friday or you can not go on Saturday. We will have 2 vans which should handle most of Varsity and JV but will probably need a couple parents to head up and take a couple people.

Games to 15, 2 time-outs per half.

10:00 am - LCB v Woodside
11:45 am - Woodside v YHB
1:30 pm - LCB v YHB

Wood JV and LCB B will play on a separate field, starting between 10 and 10:30am, no real time restraint on them.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter League

As usual we would like all varsity players and anyone considering trying out for varsity in the spring to sign up for Winter League. Its a great chance to play and get better regardless of your skill level.

Registration can be found here Games are in Williamsburg on Saturday mornings, you will get 14 games and playoffs, a disc, and a shirt. Its always a great time even if it is a little cold, so get signed up.

You do not have to be a USAU member to play Winter League but it will save you a few bucks and it will be required playing at states, so its best to just do it now. Signup and renewal stuff can be found here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Saturday Practice this week, Dec. 4, 2010 from 10am-1pm.

Sue Inge Next weekend, Dec. 11, 2010, more details to come.