Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekend tournament update

Girls Only!:
The girls team will be headed to Morrisville, NC to play this weekend. Games start at 9am, Woodside has a first round bye and will be starting at 11am. Girls need to meet at Woodside at 5:45am to load up and head out. The fields are located at 228 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560.

The girls and their chaperones will be staying at the house of a family of one of the NC players, I won't put their info on the blog but email if you would like that information about where your daughter will be.

In addition the girls will get the chance to watch a showcase game from some Nationals caliber women and enjoy dinner at East Chapel Hill High School after play. ECHHS is at 500 weaver Dairy Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

The team is having a sleepover at Coach Haley's house on Friday, this is not organized by Woodside, but we hope the ladies have fun and get some sleep so they are ready to dominate this weekend!

Woodside Invite - Developmental
The guys will be playing at home this weekend in Woodside Invite - Developmental. We need all the guys to be at the fields by 7:45am to help setup and then get in a good warmup for games.

The schedule for the weekend is linked on the Woodside Invite page.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wed/Thur Practice

Wednesday 2-26-14:
Warmup run, Plyos
YHB Drill, 2 groups, 20 completions
Circle Stretch
Scrimmage to 3, work on Zone, and Ho
Kill Drill - 3 sets, 15 reps
Scrimmage, work on Zone and Ho
Captains Choice of Sprints to end

Thursday 2-27-12:
Warmup run, Plyos
Endzone Drill
Circle Stretch
Kill Drill - 3 sets, 15 reps

Parent Meeting Recap

A short recap of the items discussed at the parent meeting:

1. Schedule - You can get a good idea of our spring schedule on the Calendar page. We list the tournaments, where they are, which teams are going and other pertinent information as we have it.
2. USA Ultimate Membership - All players need to be up to date USA Ultimate members, this allows them to play in all the sanctioned tournaments including YULA, States, and Southerns. They can get or renew their membership on the USAU Membership page. The cost is $30, this is separate from their spring dues.
3. Spring Dues - Spring dues will be $35 for Varsity and Girls, $25 for JV, as mentioned above this does not cover their USAU Membership, this also does not cover the player fee for Southerns. The dues cover only a minimal amount of our expenses most of our season is funded by our tournaments so please volunteer and help at the tournaments. Spring dues are also lower than previously in order to try and ensure we recoup the fall dues still owed.
4. HS Southerns - Southerns is a Regional Championship tournament that we attended in 2013 and were awarded a spot in 2012 but were unable to attend. We will again be putting in a bid and hopefully awarded spots for both our varsity and girls teams. All attending players must be up to date USA Ultimate members, must have matching uniforms, and there is a separate player fee (previously $30/player) which will be required to be paid by the players. We will announce the fee as soon as we know, and assuming we are awarded bids.
5. Woodside Invite Volunteering - As mentioned our tournaments provide a significant portion of our funding for the year, therefore it is vital that they run well. We need parents and players from the team not playing to come help with setup, concessions, cleanup, etc.
6. Jersey Discount - We have a jersey discount offer for new players. We made this same offer in the fall to all players, so we want to give the new folks the same opportunity. If you or a parent volunteers at one of the Woodside Invite Tournaments you will receive $15 off the cost of jerseys.
7. Jerseys - Since we ordered jerseys in the fall we have a limited number of extra jersey sets, all extras will be sold on a first come basis. Once all jerseys are sold we will have to reorder for those folks remaining. A reorder of a small quantity will be expensive so get an extra now or you will get stuck with a higher price. You can see what you owe for jerseys HERE.
8. Fall Dues - Some folks still haven't paid fall dues. We have a complete list HERE.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wed. Practice

Remind Players: Parent meeting Monday Feb. 24th, Get USAU up to date so you can play at Woodside Invite, Get fall dues that are owed and Jersey money paid

Wednesday 2-19-14:
Warmup Run, Plyos
30-30's split into 2 groups if more than 12 people
Circle Stretch
Scrimmage to 3, work on Ho
Kill Drill - 3 sets, 15 reps
Scrimmage with Double score, work on Ho and Endzone
Sprints at the end - Captains Choice

Friday, February 14, 2014

USAU Membership

All current players need to be getting their USAU up to date or signing up for the first time. Varisty and Girls need it by Feb. 26, JV by March 18. Give your USAU number to Coach Richard once you sign up. You can signup or renew HERE.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spring Parents Meeting

We will have our spring parents meeting on Monday February 24, 2014 at 6pm in Coach Chappell's room, C-150. We will be discussing the spring tournament schedule, dues, USAU membership, jerseys, states and southerns, and volunteering for spring tournaments. Everyone tell your parents and get them to the meeting!

Also please keep bringing in the fall dues you still owe and the jersey money, you will not get your jerseys until you have paid.

Wed/Thur Practice

Let everyone know about the parent meeting on Monday Feb. 24th at 6pm in Chappell's Room

Wednesday 2-12-14:
Warmup Run/ Plyos
Breakmark Drill, both throws
Circle Stretch
Ho Scrimmage to 3
Kill Drill, 3 sets, 15 cuts
Ho Scrimmage to 3
5 minute drill

Thursday 2-13-14:
Warmup Run/Plyos
Short 4 line, do 3 lines if less than 16 people
Circle Stretch
Ho Scrimmage with Double Score, work on endzone
Triangle of Death
Scrimmage til end

If weather dictates we stay inside either day do this:
LONG warmup run, multiple times the length of the school
10 sets of stairs, every other step
Circle Stretch

3 minutes - alternating group runs, 30-40yds length
20 pushups, 50 sit ups, 15 skater squats each leg, 30 cone hops
10 accelerators each, laying face down, burpee start, standing sideways with hip turn

3 minutes - alternating group runs, 30-40yds length
20 pushups, 50 sit ups, 50 body weight squats, 30 cone hops
10 accelerators each, laying face down, burpee start, standing sideways with hip turn

Hot Box

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Old Dominion Opener Info

Woodside Folks need to be at the fields no later than 8:30 to do some setup and to warm up.

Games start at 10am we will go until about 4:30, if you are getting picked up have your ride there early so you can leave as soon as we say, Coach Richard and Chappell shouldn't have to wait on you.

We will be playing at Nike Park in Carrollton, VA where Tidewater Tuneup is held. 13036 Nike Park Rd. will get you there on the gps.

You can see the full schedule here:
We are playing the first 5 rounds, the remaining games are not being played. Everyone gets 4 games.

Bring your dark and light jerseys, water, cleats, appropriate weather gear, etc.