Thursday, May 22, 2014

Year End Banquet

Our year has come to a close and as usual we will do a banquet to wrap up. This years banquet will be a fun little indoor ultimate tournament at Woodside, followed by food and drinks. We will have the banquet on Sunday June 1, 2014. Everyone needs to get there at 11:30am to warm up a bit we will start playing at 12:00pm, we will play a few games and then eat and wrap things up probably about 6-6:30pm. The team will be providing pizza and drinks, we would like everyone else to bring sides, deserts, etc. Let Coach Chappell or Richard know if you plan on attending.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Southerns Info

We will be leaving from Southerns as quickly as possible after school. The coaches will be getting the transportation and getting back to the school as quickly as possible. Everyone be ready to leave, pack lightly as usual we don't have a ton of extra space on these long trips.

You need to turn in your permission form by Thurday along with your $35 players fee to Chappell.

Field Location:

Wed/Thur Practice

Wednesday 5-7-14:
Warmup Run, Plyos
Kill Drill, 4 sets 15 reps
Circle Stretch
3 Man Mark Drill
Sprints - Captains Choice
Scrimmage to 3
Sprints - Captains Choice
5 Minute Drill to end

Thursday 5-8-14:
Warmup Run, Plyos
YHB Drill
Circle Stretch
Breakmark Drill
Triangle of Death
Endzone Drill