Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wed/Thur Practice

Please give the following reminders to all players:
  • First Dues payment was due last Friday only 1/3 of players have paid
  • Parent volunteer sheet for tournaments is on the blog, only 3 people have signed up
Wednesday 10-9-13:
Warmup Run, Plyos
Serpentines, 5 times
 Water Break &Circle Stretch
3 Stations - T Drill (5 times), X Drill (5 times), Hot Hands (2 people, 2 discs, 10ft apart 100 tosses) - Split into 3 groups and rotate through all 3 of these.
Water Break
10 Accelerators, laying down
10 Accelerators, standing facing sideways
10 Accelerators, 2 burpees at the start
Water Break
Repeat Everything a second time, if time remains start a third time

Thursday 10-10-13:
No practice due to parent teacher conferences!

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