Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wed/Thur Practice

Please give the following reminders:
  • Saturday Practice 9-1 this weekend
  • Parent signup for volunteering at the tournaments is on the blog
  • First dues payment of $20 is due Friday, after that you are late

Wednesday Oct. 2, 2013
Run, Plyos
YHB Drill, 2 sets, 15 completions
Circle Stretch
Scrimmage to 3, focus on good clean stack, make the play calls, transiton to Endzone
Short 4 corners, 20 yds, flick and backhand
Scrimmage to 3, same as before
5 minute drill if time

Thursday Oct. 3, 2013
Run, Plyos
Kill Drill, 3 times through
Circle Stretch
Breakmark Drill, focus on throw early and IO
Scrimmage to 3, same as Wed.
Box Drill, straight up the side of the box cuts

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