Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kit Kat Info

Hotel Info:
Homewoods Suites
4200 City Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19131

The hotel was getting low on rooms so we got 6 rooms held, we should only need 3-4 though depending on numbers of players and parents attending. The extras are for any parents planning on going, email or talk to Coach Richard or Coach Chappell to make sure we still have our 4. Then you will just call up and tell them you want to switch a room from Richard Rudnicki over to your name. We will cancel any extra hotel rooms on Oct. 19 to make sure there are no charges.

Field Info:
Edgely Fields
4001 Edgely Drive
Philladelphia, PA 19131

The fields are just a mile or two from the hotel so they should be easy to get to.

Any new players who haven't attended a tournament can check out the Fall Brawl Info 2 post about what sort of stuff you need to bring for the tournament, and yes this hotel has a pool.

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