Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Practice 3-9 & 3-10

Wednesday 3-9-11
Run, Plyos, Stretch
5 minute drill
Scrimmage to 3
Triangle of Death, run the short and long throws, split into 2 groups to keep the pace up
5 minute drill
Scrimmage with Double Score

Thursday 3-10-11
Run, Plyos, Stretch
Short 4 line drill, drop to 3 lines if numbers are low, run it until everyone has thrown
Scrimmage to 5
Hot Hands - 2 people, 2 discs, as many throws/catches as fast as possible. Team with the most catches in 5 minutes only has to run 5x40
10x40's, 40yd sprint out jog back, 10 reps, winner of hot hands only runs 5
Scrimmage with 2 pt breaks, set up an extra cone 10yds in on the break side a score to the break side is worth 2pts instead of 1. 1-70yd sprint for every breakside score given up by a team.

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