Monday, March 7, 2011

March 12-13

Woodside teams, due to lack of interest we will not be having a multi-team High School tournament this weekend March 12-13. We will be playing some ultimate though. We will be combining all Varsity, JV, and Ladies together and forming 3 or 4 teams and playing our own round robin tournament on Sunday March 13. There will be a prize for the winning teams and lunch for everyone at the end. We will be playing at Nike Park in Carrollton, VA where the tournament was supposed to be held. We will be starting at 10:30 so everyone should be out no later than 10 in order to warmup, and so we can split up teams. Sorry that we were not able to pull together a complete tournament as we would have liked but this will be a great way for everyone to play some games and get some good experience.

This does not affect the College Womens tournament in any way.

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