Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Varsity & JV

The following lists are the current teams; you were placed there because your skills, effort, and attitude warrant it, and because we believe you will develop more as a player on a given team. Be aware you are ALWAYS trying out for Varsity, if you perform well you can be moved up; if you perform poorly you can and will be moved down. You are expected to be on time, prepared for outdoor practice and indoor if weather dictates, to give maximum effort FOR THE TEAM. We have limited practices before our first tournament so be there and be ready to work, playing well and our ultimate goal of winning states starts with you showing up. If you are not on the team you feel you deserve to be on come talk to me. -Richard

I apologize if anyone’s name is spelt wrong.

Will Ward
Ryan Ayers
John Kennedy
CJ Howell
Kyle Monroe
Zach Fallon
Paulo Yalung
Randy Higgins
TK Porter
Josh Ford
Chase Snead
Adante Thompson
Derrick Freeman
David Pollash
Jamie Arrieta
Frank Skabla
Angel Huezo
Ryan McManus
Alex Camm
Brian Lakey
Alan Hancock
Daniel Scharsich

Everyone not specifically listed above.

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