Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Practice - Wed. Oct. 20 and Thur. Oct. 21

Run and stretch
30-30's, run to both sides so you make both throws, stress making the correct throw and setting before throwing
Run for grades
Scrimmage - Run both Offenses (75%-Ho 25%-Vert roughly), Run some Z try to call shatter when needed, some Symmetry, and some normal man, call endzones - Put together everything we have done over the past several practices.
Dump/Swing drill - split into 2 groups to keep everyone moving and make sure everyone throws
Scrimmage with Double Score - Call Endzones

Run, Plyos, Stretch
Box Drill
Conditioning - Set up T-drill agility drill, and X-drill agility drill, Form a line at the T-drill and run once through T-drill, do 15 burpees, then once through X-drill, then go to the back of the line and repeat, 3 total cycles.
Scrimmage - Run everything like Wednesday, work ont he same things.
Quick Cuts to Huck - the drill we ran the first day of practice where you make 5 cuts around the rectangle then cut deep. Run 2 so that players get to throw the huck with both throws. Twice through each side.
Scrimmage with Double Score - Call Endzones

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