Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Practice - Wednesday Oct. 27

Wednesday Oct. 27
Run, Plyos Stretch
30-30's with 1 disc run to both sides and run S-cut to both sides, like warmups at
Fall Brawl
Scrimmage with Double Score - stress calling all 3 endzones (normal, On the Block, Animal aka Striker [instead of calling striker we will call out an animal, ex. monkey, lion, zebra are all striker]) get the endzone set off turns and try to give time to transition into endzone with handler movement during regular offense.
Endzone drill - add the defender after a little while
Short and Long - set up two so one with flicks and one with backhands rotate from one to the other, 2 times through both
Scrimmage - work on running Symmetry, we didn't run it at all this weekend because we need to work on it more.

If the weather is bad and you are forced inside do the following:

Long run (couple laps through the school or something like that) and stretch
Do 1 each of the following for 1 set, 3 sets total:

Shuttle runs of 10,20,30yds
Plyos for 30 yds, high knees, butt kicks, marios, luigis, lunges
T-Drill and X-Drill, set both up and run one right after the other
15 Burpees

After running do any throwing you can do inside, breakmark, 30-30's, etc. you can also do triangle mark drill

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