Monday, September 23, 2013

2013-14 Jerseys

We will be getting a complete set of jerseys (white and dark) and shorts this year. They will be coming from Savage Ultimate who is the official Woodside Ultimate sponsor and tournament merchandiser. The cost will be $80 for the set. We have come up with several ways to offset the cost of these new uniforms though.

1. In order to better support our tournaments you can get a $15 credit toward jerseys by a parent or player volunteering at one of our tournaments. Players that attend one of the college tournaments we host and help with setup and running of the tournament or their parents who attend one of the college tournaments or our HS tournament and help with setup and running of the tournament will receive a 1 time $15 credit toward jerseys.

2. We will be keeping an attendance log at practice, players will receive a discount on the jerseys based on their attendance. Players attending 100% of practices (including valid excuses) will receive the largest discount with reduced amounts after that. The attendance scale will go like this:
100% of practices = $40
90% of practices = $35
80% of practices = $30
70% of practices = $25
60% of practices = $15
50% or less of practices = $10

With these 2 offsets players will be able to get jerseys for as low as the cost of printing, $25, with good attendance.

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