Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wed/Thur Practice

Wednesday 4-10-13:
Run, Plyos
Kill Drill - 5 times through
10x20's - sprint 20, jog back, repeat x10
Circle Stretch
Triangle Mark Drill - No Hands, Low Hands, Aggressive, Normal - Run Hard
Scrimmage to 3 w Dbl Score - play mini if numbers are 5 or less
Scrimmage to 3 normal

Thursday 4-11-13:
Run, Plyos
Triangle of Death - set up 2 if needed
Circle Stretch
Hot box - games to 5, play 2 games per team hopefully you can make 3-4 teams
Accelerators - prone, backpeddle, side shuffle, burpee - 2 of each

Remind everyone to be getting their money in and about Saturday practice next weekend.

Everyone I mentioned on Monday can go to Shore Tour they need to make a decision and tell Chappell and I.

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