Tuesday, April 16, 2013

VA States Info 1

VA States is coming up quickly, here is some information to help in your planning.

States will be hosted by LC Bird and held at Dorey Park at 7200 Dorey Park Drive, Richmond, VA 23231.

We will be traveling up and back both days, there will be no hotel for States. If you plan on driving/riding with a parent please let us know. The bigger our carpool is the less we have to spend on vans.

Departure time is not set yet, expect something in the 6:30-7am range.

We will be handing out permission slips on Wed. 4-17 or Thur. 4-18 at practice or you can get it from Coach Chappell's room. They are due no later than the end of practice on Thur. 4-25. If you don't turn it in on time you don't go.

Your USAU must be up to date and we need you ID numbers. You have less than a week to finish this. If you aren't up to date you don't go. You can sign up here: http://www.usaultimate.org/membership/default.aspx    just click the join online button.

Everyone needs to be paying for their jerseys, they won't be here in time for States if we don't finish paying for them. So far about 8 of 35 have paid, you should know if you paid. $25 for jersey and $25 for shorts, $50 total if you got both.

We also need your dues to be paid. $60 guys and girls, $50 JV.

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