Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wed & Thur Practice

Wednesday 3-13-13:
Run, Plyos
Kill Drill, 5 times through
Circle Stretch
Triangle Mark Drill - no hands, low hands, aggressive, normal
Scrimmage to 3 with Double Score, clean up endzone and call Iso's
Field Pyramid Sprints - 1 25yd sprint (front to back endzone), 1 40yd sprint (sideline to sideline), 1 70yd sprint (endzone to endzone), 1 95yd sprint (front endzone to back of other endzone), 1 120yd sprint (back endzone to back endzone, 1 95yd sprint, 1 70yd sprint, 1 40yd sprint, 1 25yd sprint - short rest of 5-10 seconds between each sprint
Scrimmage with any time left

Thursday 3-14-13:
Run, Plyos
YHB Drill
Circle Stretch
4 Corners start close 15-20yds and expand to 30yds, and then full hucks
Scrimmage if time

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