Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wed. Practice and Notes

Wednesday March 6, 2013
Warmup Run, Plyos
20 cone hops - forward and side to side
Circle Stretch
Accelerators - Lay face down, push up and accelerate through the cone (15-20yds), 5 reps
Burpee Accelerators - 3 burpees, on the last burpee spring through the cone, 5 reps
Backpedal Accelerators - backpedal, on command from a capt. everyone sprints through the cone.
Shuttle Run - Cones at 10yds, 15yds, and 20 yds, 2 reps
3 Man Mark Drill - thrower, marker, receiver - Person throws then chases their disc and becomes mark.
10x25 - 25 yd sprint jog back, repeat 10 times
3v3 Hotbox, games to 3, teams not playing run 10 sets of stairs while waiting

No Practice Thursday

Please remind JV to go sign up for USAU.

Please tell girls to check the blog for information about the Girls Tournament this coming weekend, March 9-10.

Get Hype and practice hard for Woodside Invite next weekend, March 16-17.

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