Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring Jersey/Short List

Please click this link for the Google Spreadsheet and fill in your information for White Jerseys and Shorts. Since we ordered Dark Jerseys in the Fall this will only be for Whites and Shorts, if you didn't get a Dark talk to the coaches there are a few extras for both guys and girls, extra darks will be $36.

The price for whites and shorts will be $25 per item, so if you get just a white jersey or just shorts you will owe $25, if you get both you will owe $50. The sooner you fill out the form and pay the sooner we get these ordered and have them to wear. If you already have the white jersey or the shorts then you don't need to order them again.
All varsity and Girls who we expect to go to Southerns need to have matching uniforms as required by USAU for the tournament, players on those teams make sure you have both the Full-Sublimated Dark and a White and Shorts.

We have a few extra full sets of girls jerseys (old style dark and white) and shorts from years past, these can be had for $60. You would still need the Full-Sub Dark.

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