Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Woodside Hoodies are here! The following people (see lists below) get their hoodie for free for attending practice regularly, if you didn't attend enough practices to earn your hoodie you can purchase one for $25. We also have some extra hoodies for parents, siblings, or anyone else that might want one. The hoodies will be at practice again this Monday Dec. 5, 2011 and at the indoor tournament to wrap up the fall on Sunday Dec. 11, 2011. So show up and get your hoodie.

Varsity: Ryan Ayers, Josh Bywater, Trent Cooper, Jack Downer, Zach Fallon, Derrick Freeman, Randy Higgins, Andrew Irving, Jason Luster, Ethan Mobley, TK Porter, Chase Snead, Tyler Stevens, Adanate Thompson, Will Ward, Paolo Yalung,

JV: Nick Fallon, Josuel Jimenez, Trieu Kim, Tim Paden, Richard Kenwright, Shane Robinson, Dmitri Stalnik, Tyler Daul, Xavier Whitaker, Nick Evans, Khalid Ward

Girls: Katie Newton, Haley Hammond, Jaydn Unnoppet, Meleina Fillmore, Elizabeth Frost, Sasha Brickhouse, Jasmin Tilfas, Emily Disher, Kristina Soliza, Heather Ford, Rachel Freidt, Bailey Luster, Ashley Pauley

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