Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tournament Stickers and Varsity/JV Superlatives

We have some sweet Spin stickers for this weekends best plays and players you can pick them up from Coach Chappell, get there quick so he doesn't keep them for himself.

Sticker Winners are:
Varsity - Josh Ford - Best All Around Performance, John Kennedy - Offensive MVP, Chase Snead - Defensive MVP
JV - Trent Cooper - Defensive MVP, Andrew Irving Best All Around Performance, Preston Getkin - Hustle Award
Girls - Haley Hammond, Rachel Freidt

Couple other superlatives for Varsity, they don't get stickers because I didn't get any more but they are worthy of recognition.
Adante Thompson - Best Sideline Voice
Will Ward & Paolo Yalung - Most Efficient aka most touches with the least turnovers
TK Porter - In-cut Master
Randy Higgins - Most Improved

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