Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Ultimate

Heres all the info about summer ultimate, some of it for the second time, so everyone will know whats going on.

Summer League
You can learn everything you need to know about Tidewater Summer League here but the quick rundown is games are on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, they are played at Nike Park in Carrollton, VA (where Tidewater Tuneup was held this year), cost is $45 for all USAU members which everyone that went to States is, its mixed so probably 5 guys 2 girls on the field at a time, and it should be decent play. All Woodside players are strongly encouraged to play as a chance to get better over the summer and stay sharp. You should be able to work out some carpool since a lot of Woodside people have said they are playing and there will be some of you on every team.

Woodside Elite
You can get more info for Woodside Elite at the facebook group here this is a team of current and former players as well as Coach Richard and former Coach Christian Lesnett. The team will travel to a couple tournaments and Club Sectionals during the July to Early September timeframe. There will be tryouts (schedule on Facebook), everyone who has intentions of playing on varsity next year should be there. Even if you don't make the Elite team you can still come to practice all year and there may still be 1 or 2 chances for you to play as an alternate or as a B-team. This is the best chance for young guys to get better and is a HUGE first step towards our goal of winning states in 2012.

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