Monday, May 16, 2011

States Recap Part 1

Varsity - 2nd Place in the Open Division, Beat LC Bird HS in the Semi-finals on Universe point, lost to YHB in the finals. The guys played their butts off all weekend and put together one of their strongest and overall most consistent tournaments in Woodside history. Proud as heck of every one of them and the work they put in all year to get there.

JV - Tied for 7th Place in the Open Division, Played in both the placement bracket and the JV bracket on Sunday and were solid in both. Extremely strong showing from the future of the Woodside program, we have a lot of talented guys to build with.

Girls - 5th Place in the Girls Division, Beat YHB Newbies for the first ever Woodside Girls team win at a VA State Championships, a major accomplishment for the young ladies that no other team had ever managed. Several of the girls mixed in with JV on Sunday to provide some extra bodies and played extremely well against the guys. The Girls have a chance to be some of the best and most successful to ever come through Woodside Ultimate.

Pictures and additional information to come in additional posts. We will also begin posting some information about bringing back Woodside Elite so people have a chance to play this summer. Also check out Tidewater Summer League in a previous post for another chance to play this summer.

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