Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wed. & Thur. Practice 2-16 & 2-17

Wednesday 2-16
Warmup Run, Plyos, Stretch
30-30 both sides and s-cut, focus on crisp throws stop trying to lay someone out on the s-cut
Scrimmage to 5 with Double Score
Team sprint relay, set up cones at 20, 40, 70, split into teams of 3, each player runs a 20 and back, then a 40 and back, then a 70 and back
Quick Cuts to Huck, set up this drill twice so you get the long throw with both flick and backhand, run twice through each side switching sides each time
Scrimmage to end

Thursday 2-17
Warmup Run, Plyos, Stretch
Short 4 line drill, run it until everyone throws, each thrower goes through all cutters 2 times, just like we did all fall
5 minute drill
Scrimmage to 7
Triangle of Death, underneath cuts only, run it until everyone throws, split into 2 groups so people don't spend to much time standing around between cuts
If theres time split back up into the 2 teams that scrimmaged and run a sprint relay each guy runs a 40 and back

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