Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Practice 2-23 & 24

Wednesday 2-23-11
Run, Plyos, Stretch
Short 4 Corners, don't start hucking it focus on putting the throw in the right place and leading the receiver
Brief Vert discussion then Scrimmage to 5, Vert only, cuts off the back break cuts off the front, focus on getting the disc around to the break side for easy throws
Shuttle Relay, teams of 3, set up a shuttle of 20yd,30yd,40yd, and run it twice through
Vert Scrimmage to 5
70yd sprints, 3 if practice intensity was good, 5 if it was average or less

Thursday 2-24
Run, Plyos, Stretch
Short 4 Line Drill, run it until everyone has thrown, if numbers are low you can drop it to 3 lines
Brief Ho discussion then Scrimmage to 5, Ho only, talk about Mojo, run through a few strings if needed prior to scrimmaging, call strings to get things started, focus on swinging, and dumps coming early (stall 5 or 6)
5 minute drill
Ho Scrimmage to 5
10x40's, we ran these on Monday sprint out 40 yds, jog back, 10 times through, if people aren't pushing themselves make them run a couple extra

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