Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wednesday & Thursday Practice

Both of these are designed for indoors, no point in killing ourselves in the cold outdoors with only 8 people, it wasn't very productive anyway.

Wednesday 12-7-10
Warmup Run & Stretch, no plyos
30yd high knees
Set up all the following drills/exercises and do each 1 time in this order to equal 1 set - T-Agility Drill, 15 Burpees, X-Agility Drill, 1 set of stairs, 15 cone hops, 10/20/30 shuttle
30yd butt kicks
Repeat drills/exercises
30yd Marios
Repeat drills/exercises
30yd Luigis (like a mario but distance instead of height)\
Repeat drills/exercises
30yd Lunges

Thursday 12-8-10
Long run of a couple miles and good stretch then rest for Saturday.

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