Monday, December 20, 2010

Year End Meeting Recap

For those of you who didn't make it, and it was a lot of you, here is a recap of what we went over.

- Practice will start on February 7, 2011. The first 2 mondays will be tryouts with the days in the middle for conditioning, drills, and some scrimmaging. We will be keeping attendance at practice from now on.

- I want everyone to play winter league if possible, especially if you plan on being on varsity again in the spring or trying out in the spring. Winter League signup info is in an earlir post.

- We are going to try and have an indoor tournament to kick of the year in late January, it will be at Woodside on a Sunday if it happens, you will have to sign up in advance, more details to come.

- We have a disc design which you can see below, thanks Tru, and will be working with discraft to determine how to best print it. Some of the shading will not be possible but it will be based on this design.

- We have a rough idea of the varsity and jv jerseys, see below, and will work with whichever company we end up choosing to determine how best to print them. Cost will be $50 (possibly less depending on company) for a set of 1 white and 1 dark jersey and shorts.

- The early draft of the spring tournament schedule is on the calendar. Varsity has the Woodside Invite College and HS editions, YHB Invite, States, and possibly Easterns, we will look for something in April as well. JV has Woodside Invite HS edition, Shore Tour, States, and we will look for something else.

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