Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wed & Thur Practice

Let everyone know Varsity has a 1 day tournament on Sunday Sept. 28th at William and Mary get off work if needed. Anyone not on varsity last year will be told if they are going Monday after the camp.

Wednesday 9-17-14:
Warmup Run, Plyos
Box Drill - split into at least 2 groups, 3 if numbers are like Monday
30-30's - split into 2 groups
10x20's - 20 yd sprint jog back, repeat x 10
Breakmark - split into 2 groups
After breakmark 1 group does 5 minute drill, one does serpentine cutting drill, then switch
Scrimmage to end

Thursday 9-18-14:
Warmup Run, Plyos
YHB Drill - split into 2 groups
3 Man Mark Drill
30-30's and Breakmark like Monday
Scrimmage to end

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