Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wed/Thur Practice

Take a vote and see if people want to have a Saturday morning practice, 9am-12pm. If we can have most everyone there tell them its on and let me know. We only have 5 practices before the tournament so an extra one Saturday would be very helpful.

Wednesday 9-19-12
Run, Plyos
YHB Drill, 2 groups, 15 consecutive throws
Circle Stretch
Short 4 Corners - keep the throws short, 15-20yds, you can extend it to 25-30 yds at the end.
Kill Drill - 3 times through as fast as possible
Scrimmage - work on the 3 play calls, Vert, Battleship, Rocket - talk about how we run endzone

Thursday 9-20-12
Run, Plyos
5 minute drill
Circle Stretch
Scrimmage - work on the 3 play calls

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