Tuesday, May 1, 2012

VA States Volunteers and Concession Donations

Please see below for the signups for volunteer help at States and the items already donated. If you are able to provide us with some of your time or can make a donation please email woodsidehs.ultimate@gmail.com and let us know. The help and support of all our wonderful parents is what makes our tournaments so successful. Thank you.


Saturday May 12, 2012
Start-11am: Fallon, Ward, Cooper, Hammond, Evans, Newton, Irving
11am-2pm: Evans, Mobley, Cooper, McCullan, Christopher, Irving
2pm-5pm: Cooper, McCullan, Morris, Irving
5pm-End: Cooper, McCullan, Disher, Irving

Sunday May 13, 2012
Start-11am: Ward, Cooper, Epley, Newton, Hammond, Manley
11am-2pm: Cooper, McCullan, Christopher
2pm-End: Cooper, McCullan, Disher

Things we could still use: buns, fruit salad, popcorn was suggested, anything you thing might work well let us know.

Ford - Pasta Salad
Newton - Cookies, 4pks Hot Dogs and Buns
Hammond - Pickles, 4pks Hot Dogs and Buns
Morris - 240 Hot Dogs
Cooper - Baked Goods and Pasta Salad
Irving - Cookies
Manley - Cake, Granola Bars
Disher, Christopher - Items as needed

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