Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wed & Thur Practice

Wednesday 4-25-12
Run, Plyos, Stretch
YHB Drill - lines of about 7 people, mix JV evenly, 15 straight completions on each throw before changing
Triangle of Death - same groups as YHB drill, teach the JV guys the drill
Scrimmage to 3
Breakmark Drill - flicks and backhands, stress making the throw with the correct curve
Scrimmage to the end

Wrap up practice a few minutes early so people can head to Chick Fil A for the team day. Remind everyone going to scrimmage W&M to be back at 6:15. Remind everyone that we have practice scheduled for Saturday morning at 9am this week and next.

Thursday 4-26-12
Run, plyos, Stretch
Hot Box, split into as many teams as needed, split JV evenly, every team plays 3 games rotate teams after each game
Scrimmage to the end

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