Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday Practice

Wednesday 5-2-12
Warmup run, stretch, plyos
30-30's, split into 2 groups if needed
Scrimmage - Game to 9 - Varsity vs JV: if JV turns the disc before midfield Varsity will back up to midfield to start, if JV turns after midfield Varsity will back up to the goal line. Varsity work on Ho and transition to endzone. Alternate a varsity handler in with JV as needed to help move the disc.
3 man mark drill - position about 10-12 yards apart, run for about 10 minutes
Mixed Scrimmage to end

Thursday 5-3-12
Warmup run, stretch, plyos
YHB Drill - However many lines are needed to keep about 7-8 people per line, 15 straight completions of each throw in the drill
Scrimmage to 9 - Same as Wednesday
4 Corners - short for about 5 minutes then long for about 5 minutes
Mixed Scrimmage to end

Remind everyone about Saturday practice at 9am, we need a good turnout!

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