Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Varsity/JV Team lists

The following players will be on varsity for the fall season:

Ryan Ayres
Will Ward
TK Porter
Paolo Yalung
Zach Fallon
Chase Snead
Randy Higgins
Derrick Freeman
Adante Thompson
Jason Luster
Andrew Irving
Trent Cooper
Tyler Stevens
Josh Bywater
Jack Downer
Ethan Mobley

The following players will get an extended look at Varsity and are asked to attend Fall Brawl in New Jersey. We will adjust the teams for Tideater Tuneup. If you are on the extended tryout list and then get moved to JV for TT do not be disappointed, moving to JV will get you more playing time and a bigger opportunity to lead the team, develop your skills, and push yourself to make Varsity in the spring:

Derrick Soto
David Pollash
Kelly Webster
Levi Holloway
Trieu Kim
Korey Erving
Nick Fallon
Josuel Jimenez
Jeff Wilson
Hans Pinero
Nick Morrison

All other players

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