Friday, September 30, 2011

Parent Meeting Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended, great to see a bunch of new folks out to learn about ultimate and the club. We look forward to working with you all this year.

Dues: Fall dues will be $40 which covers the costs associated with tournaments including, entry fees, transportation, hotels. We are asking that the girls pay the same $40 fee for the fall even though at this time we do not have the same number of tournaments for them. We are searching for additional tournaments this fall but if none can be found we will either bring them to an extra tournament in the spring or have them pay reduced dues in the spring.

Jerseys: We will get new price quotes for jerseys as quickly as possible, jerseys will be from Spin and will be the same designs as last year. A rough guess of the price will be $60-65 which will get you shorts, a white jersey, and a purple jersey.

Physicals: While we are a club and not a sport as recognized by the school, we are in reality one of the most physically demanding sports at Woodside. Therefore we request that all players get a physical and turn it in to Coach Chappell. They are available from the school on October 12 immediately following school in the clinic for $20.

USAU Membership: Membership in USAU is required for players to be eligible to play at the State Tournament in the spring. USAU membership runs each calendar year so purchasing the membership now is not necessary as it would expire on Dec. 31. We will get everyone to purchase their USAU membership in the spring.

Tournaments: A list of tournaments can be found on the Calendar page, and shows what tournaments we plan on attending, when and where they are being held, and which teams will be attending. As always Parents are welcome to attend the tournaments, parents will have to provide your own transportation to and from the tournament and lodging if necessary. We always list our hotel information as far in advance as possible so you can stay at the same location as the team.

Support: Your volunteer help will be needed at the tournaments we host, more information will be available on this when we get closer to those events. We can also always use any donation of drinks or snacks for the team as we head to tournaments. If you are ever attending a tournament and have an extra seat in the car it can be very helpful in getting the team where they need to be. Anything you are able to do is greatly appreciated. As always we wouldn't be as successful as we are without the support of all our great ultimate parents.

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