Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday Practices

2 practices until Tidewater Tuneup lets, bring the intensity to practice, and focus on doing the little things right, 2 hands on every catch, running through the disc, keeping the force, etc.

If it rains to the point you can't go outside either day do one of the indoor practices previously listed.

Run, Stretch, Plyos
Short 4 line drill, run it until everyone throws
Scrimmage to 5 with Double Score, 40 yd sprint for every time you fail to convert the double score attempt
5 Minute Drill
Triangle Mark Drill
Scrimmage to 7

Run, Stretch, Plyos
4 line drill, the one with the 4 different cuts
Scrimmage to 7, 25 yd sprint for every drop
Michigan State, the new drill we ran on Saturday 11-13-10
5 Minute Drill
Scrimmage against JV, if Chappell is ok with that, 75yd sprint for every time JV scores

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