Monday, March 30, 2015

Southerns Information 1

This is the first post with Southerns Information, we will post follow ups as we get more information. At this time we know we (Guys) have gotten a bid to attend the tournament. The tournament will be held in Winston-Salem, NC on May 9-10, 2015. We will plan on leaving on Friday May 8 after school.

In order to go each player will need to have paid their fall dues. They will have to pay the player fee which is $40 per player, each player needs to get that in asap, additionally each player needs to be a current USA Ultinate member, complete the online usau waiver, they need to confirm they are on the team in their USAU online account, and they also need a completed Medical Authorization form and give it to Coach Richard. I also need everyone to fill in their jersey number in the spreadsheet.

This Google Doc (link below) will take you to a spreadsheet showing who has completed each of these items.

If you aren't listed let me know, if you don't plan on going to Southerns let me know. If I have you down as not having a USAU it also means I don't have your USAU ID number and you need to get me that.

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