Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Practice Wed. & Thur.

Warmup Run, Stretch, Plyos
Kill Drill groups of 3, 3 times cutting (new drill we ran last Thursday)
3 man mark drill
Scrimmage to 5 Vert only
Scrimmage to 5 Ho only
Scrimmage to 5 Zone only
Scrimmage with Double Score if theres any time remaining, any O or D

Run the same practice both days, focus on:
  • Cleaning up our stacks, make sure we are clearing out so we open that cutting lane back up for the next cutter. 
  • Switching the field on Vert and keeping the disc centered on Ho.
  • Improving the Zone, lets focus on getting the cup tight enough to prevent the throws through the Cup, and the mark keeping the force into the cup and preventing those back/around throws, far side safety shifting to the middle when the disc gets to a sideline.
  • Calling Endzone and transitioning into endzone and running it correctly out of the stoppage on the Double Score.

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