Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Agility Workout

For the agility workout you will do 3 sets of the following drills with 5 minutes rest between each set. Rest between reps should be 1-2 times what it took to run, aka if it took you 10 sec to run then you should be running it again 10-20 sec later, groups of 2 or 3 builds in the timing for you.

Modified T-Drill - once going right first once going left first, see image below
X-Drill - once starting on the left once starting on the right, see image below
Quick Cuts to Huck/Wagonwheel - once going right first once going left first, you can find it on the drills page
Serpentine Agility Test - Check it out Here
Ladder - 3 drills
1) Basic fast feet straight through the ladder as fast as you can go while staying in control, see high knee runs in the link below
2) 2 in 2 out, do this once each direction, see the same name in link below
3) Shuffle, do this once each direction, see Icky Shuffle in the link below or in the video Zac and Lee Jabbing Here

Ladder Drills

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  1. Been looking for some good agility workouts for my son.. this one could have a bit more info. there are a couple of dills I not heard of, gonna Google em and check em out